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Friday, 4 September 2015


September is upon us - where did that come from? I thought it was still June, and yet the schools appear to be starting up, and I appear to be dressing as if it's November.

You might not be thrilled that the nights are drawing in, or that you might be back on a school-time schedule, or that strawberries are nearing the end of their season...

...however, apples are coming into season. You can wear layers again. Porridge is calling. And it's very nearly harvest.

We've got two different harvest celebrations this year. Bradfield's is in the evening, likely to be a bit more traditional-style, and will involve supper. Mistley's is in the morning, will include the children's work, might be a bit more of a mix of older and newer stuff, and will include a lunch! Something for everyone. Unless you don't like eating. Or harvest in general...

Also, it now being September, I present you with your new memory verse. This one is easier than last month - I promise.

The Lord is good;
his love is eternal,
and his faithfulness lasts forever.
Psalm 100:5

See? Much easier. To help you, however, you can save it as your phone wallpaper now, to get ahead for Sunday. Do it now. You'll look so very holy.

(What's that? It's curiously like the harvest poster? Why yes. We do like a theme here.)

Happy harvest, friends. If I get myself together, I might be back soon with more thoughts. We can but hope.