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This is the website for the mission and ministry of Manningtree Benefice: St. Mary & St. Michael' Church, Mistley with Manningtree and St. Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, including service, group and event information, contact details, media, and information about Mistley Church Hall (Mistley Institute).

We're working towards making this our main website, so please forgive any slight maintenance issues we might have in the next few weeks. If you can't access the information that you need, or you can't find it, do contact the Church Office on info@manningtreebenefice.co.uk or 01206 392200.


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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Happy Summer

Hello friends!

Isn't the summer zipping by? I think that can be the only explanation for why I have somehow managed to go so long without posting here on the website!

We're currently enjoying a (slightly) quieter August- we hope you have been too. That said, we did have the Pet Service down at Mistley this month, and we couldn't let it pass without at least one photo!

There are many more photos up in Mistley- go and have a look, and have a lovely rest of the summer. Long may it last!