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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oh, hello!

May is here! And suddenly, April has passed and I haven't posted. At all. In a month. Sorry about that, friends.

April was a little nutty, and the nuttiness thereof had inspired several posts on:

- the results of the Away Day
- Easter
- Spring Harvest
- the fact that the sun finally came out
- the fact that I am wearing flip-flops today
- the fact that I might regret that later

Except I didn't write any of them. There are pictures, languishing on my phone, waiting to leap onto here, and they just haven't made it yet. So I'm very sorry.

I will get round to it. May appears to be a blissfully quiet(er) month, so I might actually catch up with myself.

For the time being, here are some things for you to enjoy.


Second, Pete James led worship this year at Spring Harvest, and sung this lovely, lovely song:

Finally, I came across this a while ago, and now am singing it all the time:

I hope that any and all of the above remind you that Jesus loves you.

Have a lovely week,

Church Office